Eggs in a Nest

Most mornings I tend to make myself some baked apples or hot whole grains, such as quinoa, maybe with some coconut milk, and ground up flax seeds, but I will save that for another post.

Lately, I have been having a lot of sugar cravings and find that when I start my day with some protein and greens, my cravings aren’t as strong.

I love to eat eggs with bitter greens and hot sauce. Not only it is delicious but,  helps your body to digest and assimilate the protein. Remember, you aren’t what you eat, you are what you digest.

Eggs in a nest is also a great way for kids to eat greens. You can have them rearrange their own little nests. Make it fun! So here it is:

Eggs in a Nest

2 Eggs

1/2 bunch of kale or another green

1 clove of garlic

optional:  hot sauce

Cook 2 eggs over-easy in a little butter.  Meanwhile saute the kale in some olive oil with garlic. Once the kale is wilted arrange  like a wreath on a plate. Place the two eggs on the plate and top with hot sauce if you wish.

How is your favorite way to eat eggs?


I’m getting sleepy…

I have been doing a pretty good job of staying well this winter.  Knock on wood.  This past year I have been trying to live my life according to nature and her seasons.

This time of year I have been known to get a little down  unmotivated, but now I  have been looking at the shorter days differently. Winter is the time to look in and to reflect on all that the past year has taught and brought to you.  If we follow the natural patterns of the earth, longer nights and less day light, we find ourselves sleeping in and finding contentment in getting more rest.  I know I have been known to enjoy a nap or two a week lately. It feels so good and natural.

In order to have a good nights sleep, I have a couple of tips:

Turn off the computer, television, your phone, and any other electronics at least 1 hour before you hit the sack. Take this time to practice some  yoga,  share your day with your partner or friend, journal, or read a book. This will get you in a very relaxed and calm state, right where you want to before you fall asleep.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea to unwind.  Chamomile and nettle teas are my favorite to calm the nervous system and prepare your body for a good night’s rest.

Make your last meal include some form of protein. This will help to keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the night.

Try not to eat anything after dinner.  Eating right before bedtime requires your digestive system to work instead of  recharging  for tomorrow’s duties.

Make your room a sleep haven, by dimming the lights while you are winding down and keeping it as dark as possible when its time to say good night. Your body naturally wants to shut down when it is dark, so this will encourage the process of relaxing.

I hope these tips inspire you to rest. Sleep is one of the best healers to staying well and happy this winter.

What do you do to unwind from the day and achieve a good night’s rest?

In the Beginning…

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog Enlightened Eating.

Today as I was researching for an upcoming lecture, I came across something from Christiane Northup’s book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Christiane said that we need to expand the concept of nourishment from food to all areas of our life. That is so true. True health and vitality is not found just by avoiding chocolate cake and drinking green juices all day. Health and life is so much more than that.

I want Enlightened Eating to be more than healthy recipes. It is about nourishing ourselves each day by being true to ourselves and living our life passionately.  That is what I want this blog to be about. I will certainly write  about food and nutrition,  I am a Holistic Nutritionist after all.

I want this to be a place where we can learn to get in touch with ourselves and find out what we really need and what we desire in life. So I invite you to join me on this journey to enlightenment.